How user spend AFT

Along with earning AFT token, users will have many choices to use AFT in our ecosystem

Β· Pay for using AI tools:

The AFT token will be the main means of payment for the use of our AI tools: text to picture, video, background...

Β· Pay for NFT minting process:

User uses AFT token to pay for the minting process

Β· Pay NFT auction fee:

The user will use the AFT token to participate in the NFT auction.

Β· Use token on-web activities (buy treasures, vouchers...):

Users will use AFT token to buy items like vouchers, treasure boxes... to use in the ecosystem

Β· Use token to buy NFT to play in-app fitness games:

In addition to using stable coins like USDT, users will have the option to use AFT tokens to buy NFTs to use in the ecosystem.

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